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  • Renégro Slaveness

    Renégro Slaveness

    Wannabe Influencer, Biohacker, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, & Globetrotter. My values are Ethicism, Transhumanism, Sciencology, Egalitarianism, & Cosmopolitanism.

  • Kedy


    A twenty-five-year-old writer, artist, and a future-novelist. I write about anything that intrigues me.

  • Alison Hill

    Alison Hill

    Writer, producer, BBC radio commentator, and lover of all things horror/supernatural. Writer’s Digest, Scout Life, YourTango.com, PBS, S4C, www.mshorror.com.

  • Andrea Berdondini

    Andrea Berdondini

    My page on SSRN : https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=3006910

  • Allison Gaines

    Allison Gaines

    Editor-in-Chief of Cultured Mag, AfroSapiophile, Co-Founder WEOC with bylines @ Momentum & ZORA ♥︎ allisonthedailywriter.com -☕️ ko-fi.com/allyfromnola

  • Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

    Kazi Ayaz Mahesar

    Kazi Ayaz Mahesar is a mystic writer and a medium — a poet and an essayist, he is widely acclaimed for his stunning journeys into the unseen.

  • Prudence Hatchett

    Prudence Hatchett

    Lover of human existence. Enhancing the mind through counseling, coaching, & education. Owner of PH Counseling, LLC. www.phcounseling.org.

  • Shikha Saxena

    Shikha Saxena

    A Technical Writer, an artist and blogger by choice. Passionate about reading , writing and editing. http://www.shikhasaxena.com and https://www.dnabox.co/

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